Muso Soup

What ROTR Says…

This time it’s kept short and sweet.

Being part of a music industry leading platform where artists submit and get listened to, by 1000+ playlist curators, tastemakers, radio pluggers, promoters, content makers, reviewers… It feels like an organic network.

Your costs as an artist stay low. Bloggers like me and music lovers worldwide make an offer to accept or decline. The PR ball always stays in your court.

You keep the reigns on your budget, I get to find music I love.

And as always, I won’t get in touch unless I want to help push your music.

What Muso Soup Say…

Step 1
Submit for Approval

Step 2 – Choose Your Package
£20 Coverage: Here you’ll only receive offers for coverage with no additional cost.

£20+ Coverage Plus:
Here you’ll receive both offers with no cost and offers that have an optional cost for enhanced marketing & coverage.

Step 3 – Activate Campaign
Once your track has been vetted by our (Muso Soup) team to ensure it is of a high enough quality to get success with our curators, you will be able to activate your 45 day campaign.

Step 4 – Get Coverage
Offers will now start coming to you from curators, you will have complete control. You will be able to speak to the curators directly to accept, decline or discuss the offers that they make to you. You will also be able to see who has declined your track.