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Rats on the Run – The ‘About’ Bit

Communique No. 1 might have started it all with the need to break out and recast. What began as a travel blog with music at core moved to take on a life of its own.

From a bedroom in England, to bedsits in U.S, to dive bars and motels across 23 states, from Vietnam’s heat and all the way back again… this thing just continued to grow.

Music reviews and new music playlists. Artist services, mentoring, PR and branding. Soundtrack and song writing collaborations. Finding music from all over the globe. It’s exciting to find and to share.

Rats on the Run is a network. Fuelled by a joy and a passion for noise. Send your EPs, your LPs, your singles, your videos, artist services inquiries and questions. And be sure to look into these partners, it’s a pleasure to work along side them.

A brand new collection of promoters and journalists, each submission gets sent to all blogs.
Mentorship and feedback from a global collective of agencies, labels, music journalists and promoters.

Rats on the Run – The Creative Side

Fritch (2018 – Ongoing). Open invitations for collaboration. One-off releases, soundtracks and sketches.

Hollywood (2017-2018). Reflective aggression framed in restraint. Post-rock cut to snapshots of tough sound and dreamscape.

Dick Venom & the Terrortones (2010 – 2016). Sleazy schlock n’roll sci-fi glam-garage and psychobilly.

Mable’s Husbands (2005 – 2009). Loop stations, drum machines, a duo then full band. Scratching at under-belly balladry.

Contacting Rats On The Run

I can’t promise to be able to get back to everyone, but I will listen to everything sent.

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