EP Review: Sérgio – ‘Pelo da Churreia’.

So this almost escaped us entirely. Google’s algorithms sent the rhythms straight to spam and this tight little gem slipped the net. But damn are we glad it got caught. Cue some cool techno slam downs and trance-like contortions all re-made in fine high fidelity.

Sample city here we come. Slick beat central, we’re on way. All you late night hip twitchers of drum n’ base and glitch, catch you there in the dirt and the strobe. So yes there’s the homage and throwback, and damn right, there’s a link to the past. But here in this EP or mixtape or mini album lies a whole wealth of pristine constructions.

 ‘Desista be Cidade’ is a minimalist bliss trip all lysergic and clinical with all roots firmly docked in Detroit. Simplicity wins, not in its lack of variation, but in its knowing what noise to drop when. Polished and divided into sonic interventions, the grove moves from bounce house to what might verge on dubstep, never once sounding cluttered or rushed.

And it’s this patience that give this it’s presence. It runs through every track like an unnamed instruction that that directs its no fluster aesthetic. Every sound, every kick, every sample, every glitch, has its own ample space in the sonics. Hell, it’s almost coming close being gentlemanly in it’s ‘no, please, after you’ take on structure… if it wasn’t so suited to low lights and late nights and their cool down still high plead for pulchritude.       

‘Keisuke’ is the biggest trip downwards, with the stripped hits of rave tones that permeated the sweat of those halcyon 90s stitched to whistling synths and pitched vocals. Less is more makes the high more hypnotic, and the high comes up next in ‘Flashposergio’. This track is an exercise in high groove and euphoria where the flow meets our need to release. House drops and directions to move to the beat get too pumped up to try to ignore.  

Thrown in some hard shifts to late 80s hiphop (I’m looking at you ‘Kenan & Kergio’), and some purist Lone style synth hit interplay (the lovingly crafted ‘Bilionarios’). Every twist we could want gets thrown in. And the magic of all? Would you think it? We never quite hit the speed of the dance floor, and not once does the mix overwhelm. This is sweet sonic knowhow with a love for experimentation and we’re guided through every twist, every turn.

And it absolutely sounds sumptuous on vinyl. Thank you so much for sending this over.