Out Now: Simesky+Fritch – ‘Colour Running Away’.

The collaboration continues. And holy moles it’s been a ride. Who’d have thought that the link up between Fritch (the music making part of ROTR) and United Simesky Institutes would carry on and build and keep building? It’s to the absolute joy of us both that it has and there is none and zero sign of slowing down.

There’s more music on way. More singles, more EPs. There’s enough written to fill an album plus B-sides. But for now…. This is ‘Colour Running Away’. Out now on all streaming services.


Dug out of a drawer is a photo. Trinidad, 1942. There’s a parent and grandparents barely seen through the bleach after decades on desks and in windows. Now its 2023 and there’s a retro-style photo booth in the corner of a sweatbox in Cardiff. It throws back to that cool old school print. And we wonder which one lasts the longest… is it the photo, the feel, or the moment?

‘Colour Running Away’ asks just that. But it’s cemented in music not celluloid.

Picking up from the high praised and cool 80s neons of last year’s debut ‘Such Imperfection’, this new single hits brighter and bolder and meaner in a clean blast of glossed adult pop. As it draws from the best of The Cure, Roxy Music, Visage and Tears for Fears, it steals the polish of M83 and Royksopp. And as it soaks up those decades of synth pop and indie, the cult sound they’ve created continues.

Co-writers, co-creators and co-makers across continents, Simesky and Fritch have success in their own rights. But together they’re something unstoppable, with a slew of releases lined up.

Andy Hunter says he loved it the first time he heard it. Andy Wright who rendered and mastered the track (Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Clean Bandit, The Fall) says ‘fame and glory’ is heading their way.

This is ‘Colour Running Away’. The new single from Simesky+Fritch.