Single Review: Gringo Star – Told Me Once Before.

So there’s an album on way from Gringo Star. And by the sounds of this single it’s welcome. It aint just the name that riffs so easily and shamelessly on either the first or fifth best drummer in The Beatles, it’s the cool lazy 60s slow breeze.

For those fans of Monks and Seeds, for those authentic garage hunters, for every straight seeking a Kink and every question mark looking out for a Mysterian, this just might be the chilled hit for you. Just the right amount of reverb and fuzz lifts the vocals, the right bounce and ease lilts the keys, and the strings and the chimes and the hats of the drums all have the correct 60s vibe. And in spite of its lazy, it’s tight. It’s all nailed down to pinched shifting triplets and their gift is that hazy sunned feel.

It’s not the raw psycho 60s revival that permeates good taste and high squeal, though Gringo Star carry that off by the wagonload when you track down 2019’s live album. And its not the omnicosmic psychedelic sounds that feed hard on substance soaked freakouts, though that’s right there in previous singles. But the fact all are present in one fine band-named bundle should bring joy to those hip to the heat.

‘On and On and Gone’ will be their first studio album in close to six years, so expect some more previews and singles. But for now, soak it up, suck it in, sup it sleazy. That first taste licked a high grade first date.   

Oh and it’s coming out on sweet vinyl too. But don’t be greedy because damn, I want one.