ROTR Broken Radio: Feb ’23.

Well February just flew by and not a peep of a review hit the site. But that don’t mean I aint been listening and it’ don’t mean there aint been hits. I guarantee it’s been exactly the opposite.

So with a thick slew of songs, sounds and sonics and aurals, this is you Feb ’23. Longer than normal, spoilt for choice, packed fulla beautiful musical blows… and crafted into a playlist as always. Enjoy the flow. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the ride. This the best of February’s submissions.

Holly Henderson – Sugarspun indie-kissed folkpop
Michael J. Benjamin – Cohen-esque acoustic with weight
Julien Delaye – Deep in Depeche Modal gothica
Codice Ego – Fuzzy menace with a sideslice of grunge
Munchhausen – Personal purely poised postpunk
The Mosfets – Blissfully unclean garage fun
The Men – The return of the psyche garage lovliness
Graffiti Welfare – Synth heavy chillwave lush indie
Andie Deal – A Fever Ray fever through a 1930s wireless
Echap – Sweeping, symphonic and sultry
Waave, Anais Sylla – Sweeping, symphonic and sultry
Jackson Pendegraf – Ambience, off kilter and cool
Javier Torrealba – Slick climbdown sounds with a pulse
Justine Forever, The Chica – Subversive dancefloor and house
Beat Failure – Detroit throwback technologic touchée
Thy Behest – EDM. Pure. Blast-heavy. Simple.
Aom – Transient retro-vibe bliss
Dave Burden – House haunts the floor and we move!
Malmo – Easy feel glitch coloured trance
Michael Hamilton – The calm of the still-tweaking dawn
Veleva – Velvet textures all tied to a beat
Silvermouse, Monroe Sound Science – 90’s lysergic emanations
West Wickhams – Sinister indie post-punket indie
The Loud Bangs – Scuzz heavy fuzz slathered sonics
Kodaclips – Hello the grimegrunge revival
Frankie Rose – Disco indie from absolute royalty
Dottie Anderson – Sunshine kissed candy cane pop
UAP, Katie Tich – The cool neon road right on outta here!

So suck up the neons, the fuzz and the filth, the punches and puerile, the trance and the dance and the house and the glitch… and sample almost everything between. This is 2023 up to NOW!