ROTR Broken Radio: Jan ’23.

Once upon a week there was nothing. Then another week of slim sonic pickings. Then after two weeks worrying there might not be much to share, there was a lightning shazam of new music.

So bulging fuller than I’d ever expected, this is January ’23 and its best of submissions and intrigue. If this aint the best way to kick off this year’s noise then go back to your pram and toys because mumma, we’re spittin’ the rattle. It’s the rattle of new rock n’roll in a playlist created for pleasure.

The Slashes – Subculture credentials are critical
Golem Dance Cult – Sci-fi subordinate post-punk
Déjà Vega – Punkabilly psyche-garage grind
Ist Ist – Mood and angst agro never dies
The Mosfets – 60’s scuzz road trip in neon
Hibou – 80’s indie and shoegaze collide
La Vie Sauvage, Pet Snake – A twist into Savage pop nasty
PVA, Caroline Polachek – Ultra mean adult discotronica
Silent Weapon – Industrial high-wire hypertension
Catharsis – Throwback shoegaze and grunge
Bruno Bisaro – getting sultry in the language of love
Skyward – Electronic ambient loveliness
Kisnou – Intimate, close, cool and calm
Gold Record – Pure cool 21st Century pop
Franck Choppin – The sound of Terminator’s Tech-Noir
The Colour Study – Sea Power style grandiose Indie
Make Believe Love – Scrappy fuzz made for the masses
Television – Tom Verlaine. 1949 – 2023. Thank you for the music.