Communique No. 2 (is a half – earned defeat)

It’s harder than thought to get out with speed, even rats still got room to tuck tail. It’s the downside of putting down feet and planting your legs in cement for too long. Stick your collection of eggs in one casket and one unlucky step sets it off.

It all seemed so easy. It’ll all be so worth it. USA first hunting out sweatbox gigs and moving through states in a lighting attack. Bar work or ranch work for food in our mouths, track through Vietnam finding work as we go, break out in evenings using sound like a sonar. Move a few months, settle somewhere for more then repeat.

Agreements fall through, banks take their time, the house I been itching to sell’s going slower than nowhere goes quickly. The job quit in high hopes that moulded my ass to the shape of its seat has welcomed me back to pay off unplanned bills… I was so close to out but it’s crawl back with what feels like a half-earned defeat. Just a temporary fix I keep telling myself. Just something to tie up a bunch of loose ends.

Seems some snowglobes aint made for shaking. I’ll pitch for breaking instead.

It all seemed so easy.
It’ll all be so worth it.