Single Review: Studio Electrophonique – ‘I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore’.

Cold truths, soft sounds, beautiful simplicity and a ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ clarity; that’s all you should need to want to consume. Like a bystander watching a love fall apart, I’m drawn into this slow motion parting. We hear every word and soft whisper. There’s no argue, no anger, just hurt in and out. Residual warmth swims with self doubt and malice and those feelings mix like ink and water. Inside there’s that marbled effect, collisions of substance and colour. But outside resignation is all you can muster while the textures are swirling below.

Or at least retrospectively so. In hindsight you’re hoping that that’s how it went, even if a few bits still might sting. Details drift at almost a spec of dust speed over muted guitar chords and organs; “So tell me what you see/ I’m not that hard to please / Your life is a mess and you’re not important / But you’re up next so get yourself sorted” is a two way where everyone suffers; the giver and gainer of truth.    

So we’re more than bystanders, we’re friends, we’re the one called to offer support. And the best thing to do with such delicate pride is to listen and not interrupt. But this is uncomfortably blissful, those glow-rounded picks and those warm warble keys, they lull you and pull you along. In a voice that holds tight to a drained-hearted patience, we’re given the fine print, the miss-steps.

We’re let in to his ‘all’s fine’ delusion that breaks and we empathise as it gets broke; “Thinking you want me / To tell you that the world is fine / That there’s only ever you on my mind / To sit you on the kitchen side / And tell you you’re cared for…” As a never-met-friend I’m still sorry, and that speaks to the power of the song. For three minuets I knew someone intimately, for three minutes I was someone else.    

Do I mind this is almost a VU carbon copy? I’m really not too sure that I do… Heartache has a definite sound and its speed and its feel has a shape. More than one person can reach that conclusion and I’m happy that’s connection enough. Clinic did same with ‘Distortions‘, that’s Velvet Underground’s ‘Candy Says’ with new textures and it still transports me someplace other.      

‘I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore’ is the single due out from Studio Electrophonique. It’s his second and I can’t help but wonder just what he might concoct from these grounds.  

This single is due out on September 6th from Violette Records.

Once out you can find it along with other Rats on Run featured artists right here on Rats on Run Radio