Out Now: Fritch – ‘How’s The View There?’

The music of Rats On The Run.

Black and ivory vinyl, ready to take home and own (or preorder on cassette and CDs)

What began on a laptop in the U.S. and Vietnam found a home in the U.K. and collaborative works. What arrived is an EP of heartfelt contortions that twist dreampop, darkwave and world music. Fear, loss of love, naked honesty. This is unease, vulnerability, joy… all laid out and painfully open.

From the UK Fritch found friends in Russia, where fan made music videos were formed for the songs now released by Other Voices Records. This is truly a collaborative project. 

Looking back on these songs and re-listening, almost 2 years after making, it scares me how broken they sound. I wanted to commit that to record, I didn’t know they would terrify me later.

The physical release is out now.

As well as the digital wordbook.

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Or you can catch it on Spotify

To those who helped make and create, to those who promoted and put out on record, and to all those who stop by and listen…

Thank you.