Single Review: The New America – ‘Going to the Races (Dressed like a Racist)’.

In concocting last month’s playlist of submissions, there was one piece consistently missing. I knew where in the mix it was sitting. I knew what it came after and what would come next, and once the single went live after two weeks of waiting, its sonics just slotted in perfectly.

With a gratuitously wiry dirt-driven grind of petulant punk and hot grit, ‘Going To the Races (Dressed Like A Racist)’ is a bludgeoning blast of mean squealing. Quintessentially British with top-hats and derbies at the centre of its guile and ire, we’re reminded what hides in high places. There’s thugs all around us with questionable ethics and a bow-tie and tails won’t disguise them.

From The Clash down to Idles for 40plus years, punching at class is punk’s hallmark. It’s a spittle-drenched vehicle for anger and malice, it’s the noise of a protest and riot. And with clattering drums, conviction and sweat, The New America know how to use it. Which is saying quite a something for a frustratingly young band that ‘hatched as musical larvae’ two years back.  

As guitars split between their high-twitch and low gravel, basslines rumble and sneer underneath. And as crude observations are precisely delivered with a cartoonish half-spoken holler, we get lost in the joy of the noise. A blunt instrument? Yes. Ground breaking? No. Does any of that matter? Not at all. It’s pleasingly puerile, a thrill to get lost in, now who knows what that larvae turns into.