Rats on the Rundown: Your December 2020.

This month’s playlist comes early. Call it a gift for all you musos and noizefreaks and tone luvin’ soundhounds… here’s a worldwide blast of ‘tronica, postrock, aggression and indie with trance, rave and trap-clash thrown in.

Cutting this down to an hour wasn’t easy. Submissions came hard thick and fast. So without further ado, let me please introduce: FLeUR, Mariatti, Tikon, Vega Missile, BOYLE, RudeGRL+CC, Mz Neon, the Moods & Yoko Pwno, Radiant Heart, Dakota Simpson, Pure Carrière, Departure Lounge, The Electrokit & Low Island.

Don’t forget you can get me through Groover, Right Chord Music or directly right here. Now go make sure you get you a very noisy Christmas!