ROTR Broken Radio: Jan-June ’22.

So a longer break than planned but we’re back with a bang, and back with a sack fulla sounds. The inbox was bulging. The sonics piled up. So with every submission sifted through and listened to from the vast jam of backlog and build up… here’s the best since the last time we met.

Enjoy and keep sending those tracks. Here’s the playlist from Jan to June ’22:

Electronic Bodyguards – Electronic sonic exploration
The Toxic Avenger – Dark synthwave beggin’ for a movie
Psycho & Plastic – Reflective subtextures and glitch
Calcou – Chillwave bouncing loose on beleric
Holo – A Bermuda triangle of retro chilled DnB
Tachys – Synthpop that’s flirting with quirky
H2SO4 – Shamefree 80s disco dirt
Polartropica – Dark adult TERMINATOR pop
Eliza & the Delusionals – Lush with a glisten and gleam
The Slashes – Bela Lugosi went Smiths
Black Doldrums – New Wave and shoegaze galore
Gus Englehorn – Endearingly off-kilter cute
Wylderness – Cool indie fuzz coloured kicks
Victorian Death Photos – Postpunk, salacious and slick
Drive Through Hazy – Lean and mean glossed adult dreampop
IOTA – Punch heavy menace and dirt
Yumi and the Weather – DIY clatter and scuzz
AMAZONICA – Twin fingered AOR rawk
Viagra Boys – As chaotic and blunt-pumped as ever
BEX – Tude-bruised and buried in blitz
SONS – Short n’ sharp scrawl punk’n’grind
Forever Era – The aftermath of post-high and post-heat
Pentagram Horse Video – Rich sounds with VU minimalism
Kety Fusco – Electric harp wonder and soothe
Camel Power Club – Underpowered sultry and sweet
BSI – Inimitable always, and always impressive
Tiny Dino – Sugared and glittered up C86
Catherine Soungrana – French disco with aural fixations
biskuwi – Deep grove and trance tasting vibes
Daverage J. Normal – Ominous, nasty, and dangerously submersive