Single Review: Lazybones – ‘Trash Talk’.

Arterial crushing and bubblegum throb. Babydoll fibres and kinderwhore punk. The tenderised splendour of gristle and sinew… It leaks like a slick oil from sweat-sullied pores.

This track excretes nothing but dirty and mean from each glint of glorious distortion. Each welt and each wail, each tanglewire stitch, every movement of brawn built assault; they spill, spit and slither on gravel and glass and it rips at your raw underbelly.

I can’t get enough of the of the bass guitar buzz that gets amped up and ramped to unnatural highs. I can’t tell you the joy of a drum sound that pounds like it’s trying to smash holes in the ground two floors down. Throw in an organ that underpins violence and a vocal that carves up a larynx, and I’m in a bliss of glossed garage trash that thrashes against its own ego .

So I might have a thing for those vocals, that sick-too-cute screech of Sleigh Bells, Hole, You Want Fox, Daisy Chainsaw and those early Japanese Voyeurs singles. And I might have a thing for that blues organ sound, especially when un-blused and gritted. But here in the crush of the noise and the heat of that compressed guitar-stealing bass sound, those things get thrown back to that cool Nu York glam that I grew up to learn from and love.

Yes you could argue it’s pressed and produced, but that’s just their penchant for 60s girl-pop and punk shouldn’t have to be uniformed. And yes you can argue it’s throwaway splatter, but that’s feral exuberance at work. What you can’t argue with is the rush – the adrenaline tension and the force of the feel of a band pushing hard at full throttle.

Bottle it, savour it, catch while you can… I’ll write more when I see them next week.

‘Trash Talk’, the new Lazybones single is out today on all online platforms.

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