Rats on the Rundown: Your Playlist From Sept 2020.

Welcome to this month’s audio round up! And I owe you a thank you and apology from the bottom of my chambers.

I have never had so many submissions and so many sounds and so many acts of musical grace sent my way, and no month have I ever been so time-poor! I hope this goes someway to show off all the tones while I catch up and dig deep and write you all up. I told you I listen to everything.

So with out further ado, with a thick slice of grunge and splatter of ‘tronica, with beats, pops and chills that have that have chewed through my aurals from US, UK, EU and further, on this month’s playlist you’ll find…

Lynanol, Burning Pools, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii, Healthy Junkies, Shad Shadows, Korine, UFI95&Anetha, Madame So, Minaxi, Francessco Perissi XO, Charlie Steel, Mary Miller, Ida Wenøe, Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu.