Single Review: Burning Pools – ‘Bang Bang’.

The first thing that greets you, that beats down your senses, is the balls out force familiarity. The distorted treble-thick grunge of the bass (or in this case, sub-octave guitar) throws us straight back to 90s grunge grandeur. It’s brittle, consuming, engulfing, wall-melting. There’s a signature grit-burning sound. And for that, there’s a very good reason.

Burning Pools is the new outfit led by Ginger Pooley, bass player of THEE Smashing Pumpkins.

In a trio of dirt-grizzled lurch-heavy riffs, with drums that blast like a glam-metal love song, the mix of the throwback and hard-earned experience competes against want for new life. The backbones of the track gives us tingles, especially when you know where they come from. And over the top, with a spit-glistened grace, Ginger sings with a rasp and an ease.

She’s protesting, proclaiming, with that sneer-lazy lilt that sauntered through grunge and through all of its fuzzed shoegaze offshoots. But I might want her louder, up close in the mix, I want force in her flicked-out inflections.

But again, this is Burning Pools’ debut. The first snatch at their past and their future. We can bask in the track’s relentless buzzsaw churning while we welcome its links back and forth. It’s as brutal as anything we should expect, and for now that that’s an itch gladly scratched. What comes next I am eager to wrap my ears around as this new project grows and takes shape.