Watch & Listen: Douran – Inertia (Live Session).

I‘m not sure this counts as a review. I’m not sure how long it will be. The feature here is the video and the live session’s music that builds up through textures and layers.

It’s mesmerizing, almost fluidic. It weaves through its pulses and climactic samples and sugar-spins sounds from a weave.

Through the manipulation of electronic swells, analogue loops and live instruments, Douran builds up a Zimmerman soundtrack. Equal parts ominous, chilled house, EDM, and impressively vast in its scope, we can rest in the bliss and the surge of the sounds, or get lost in the cleanly shot video.

It’s a hypnotic thing to take in, watching the patience involved in the making. The precision based tweaks and the nurture of noise… See below and enjoy for yourself.