ROTR Broken Radio – May ’21.

Big riffs, big beats and big grooves. Here be B-movie tones, old school punk n’roll, New York mess, indie gems and a sack full of trouble-sludge sounds. All laid out for your listening pleasure. So without further ado, or a-dont give a screw, get stuck in and dig deep and trip hard. This your May’21 Broken radio.

The C33s – Scuzabilly grit-ground holler and joy
PERMO – Tough punk and junk rattling vibes
The Riot Vans – All the riot, all the dirt, all the noise
Bar II – Bass driven bust n’groove indie
Birthday Girl – Iggy spun cacophony cool
UV-TV – Shoegaze and pop covered gloss
BSÍ – Intellipunk, blunted and bright
King Whisker – Faux frat fuzz with a twist
The Psyched – CBGBs boot licking filth
Golem Dance Cult – Post-punk primal beast with a beat
Main Primate – 60’s sun and summer-hit pop
Last Wars – Bedroom electro for lo-fi synth lovers
Russell Louder – Operatic electropop loveliness
Absconda – Glitch driven heartache, it hurts
Douran – Lush sounds in minimalist house
Greymatter, Christian J – beware the hushed jungle touched rave
Kelly Lee Owens – Sultryfied sugarspun ache
Charlotte de Witte – Tough. Fucking. Mean Machine Sounds.
Antiope – New DIY electro in making?
Swim School – The warmest of grunge coloured indie

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P.s. Fans of Kelly Lee Owens look out. The below is a hell of a lineup!