Album Review: The Psyched – ‘Body Buzz’.

How would you like your punk served tonight? With a small side of psyche, a drizzle of glam, and make it as New York heat raw as you can. Enter The Psyched and their debut ‘Body Buzz’. It’s a no mess, quick blast, tight lo-fi dose of anthemic and drawl driven ‘tude.

The whole album is less than 12 minutes. It takes longer to squeeze into leathers. But it blisters and pops and runs so hot on distortion that it begs to be looped around again. Not the distortion of dreamwave or grunge, that’s for some other decade and place. This is the crisp clip of Stooges and Wavves with the beach coloured hustle of Flat Worms. It all makes for a mean moreish sound.

It’s a trio of pumped-up proportions; drums, bass, guitar, sharing two sets of vocals, and a buzz-hungry petulant din. The lo-fi lives between basement tapes and live shows, with a cardboard-punch thump to the drums. Each song comes through messed up and homely, with the warmth of a reel-to-reel studio. It’s a shame not to hear this release set to vinyl to exploit its cool analogue feel.    

And beneath all the heat and the up-tempo charge, there’s the occasional twist someplace other. ‘Lucky Ducks’ has a strange hint of Brit-Buzzcocks stomp while it moves slightly cautious and chanting. ‘Play Rock and Roll’ simmers down to a grove that ties in rockabilly revival. ‘Hang On’s backing vocal cuts through neat and clean and brings glam Bowie B-sides to mind. There’s a wealth of good taste running through this debut, but it lives further up than the sleeve. With everything landing in such short sharp blasts, these are nuggets to dig from the dirt.

This is energy honed, owned and punked. This is New York junk trashed for the masses. It belongs in a sweatbox on hot summer eve in a downtown back avenue slam.