Single Review: Magnus Josefsson – ‘December’.

Magnus Josefsson has been busy. And he’s making it sound so damn easy. An album, new singles, a new record label, these are things that could turn a hair grey. But here, in the midst and the slow-burning mist of the album’s first singles to land, there’s nothing but warmth, laze and haze. You could wear these new songs like your thickest-knit scarf, they feel almost tangibly yours.

That these songs spill and flow from an artist I knew as one of the finest (and cutest) 2000’s glitch-punk acts, is a shine of fine taste and dexterity. As mentioned before, the last time we saw Magnus, Bondage Fairies might still hold a place.

But decades and soundscapes have passed, and new tones took a hold and a grasp. ‘December’ unkinks on the ideas that swelled and bubbled through that last mixtape release. It’s a clean track that melts, that moves free but still structured, reigned in from the jerks and the lurches and twists that spun through ‘Anette Halbe Stunde 0011’. It’s not quite cinematic, just a shade short of heartache, but it flits through the gaps between art-budget movies and the most-polished indie flick credits.

And if indie and credits were things to trade high in, then dig deep and mine hard for info. Ex-members of The Smiths and alumni of Slowdive are all part of the creative collective. This might be solo music, but all love and help’s shared, and the wealth of the sound shows the passion.

So take synthwave and shoegaze, and that lush 80’s chorus of 4AD stalwarts, and the softened cool glint of Minaxi, then just go let the song slip away. And do the same for September’s ‘The Map’. It lives equally dreamy, just as rounded and plush, it’s hard not to this album sooner.