Out Now: Fritch – ‘Unwire Rewire Rewire’.

After the teases, the singles, the late night PR pushes, the new album from Fritch has arrived. And the arrival was marked with some very kind words from ‘zines I hold in high esteem. But none of that could be done with out the love, time and rush from those who whelped make it, remixed it, released it, those who made videos, and all you who listen. So, without more grunt and gumph, here’s the album – the music of Rats on the Run.

“One of the big releases of the year, and a total breath of renewal”Roadie Music
“Honestly, I love itAtwood Magazine
“A beautiful malaise; a deeply melancholic, introspective mood-setter”PostPunk.com

The Movie. The Album. The Release:

Every song got a video, unexpected, un-asked for, each unrelentingly haunting and beautiful. The guy who made them (A Falling Bird), I now call him a friend and I’m glad to. Spare time and labour, spent making these vids, here they’re all stitched up together. So so watch and let’s know your thoughts. And make sure to follow Falling Bird.

So now the album is here, thanks to Other Voices Records, complete with alternative artwork and packaging. A must own and a thing to acquire. Who’d have the thought an artworker from Sonic Youth albums would turn his 4AD genius to me? Take a look just below, and if you want to support a great indie label, follow links and get in touch with them too.

And as for the album to stream? You can get your fix of that right here. Bandcamp for UK store and streams (last album vinyls there too), and Spotify for all you elsewehere. So with love. With great thanks. And with sleep on the cards, welcome to ‘Unwire Rewire Rewire’.