ROTR: The Best of 2021.

As you guess by diminishing output, other things might have taken my time. Who’d have thought adult stuff snuffs the music? But dammit, this is the love. Has been, is still so and will be.

This is music direct to your ears. A light shone on uncovered gems. The fact that it’s late means I’ve taken my time picking the utmost most best of submissions. Promoters, music makers, publishers, creators – every thank you for every sound sent.

Here’s your rundown of 2021!

Dyatlov – DumPunkKicksForKreepers
a/lpaca – PsychoSonic Slump ‘n’ Pump
Death Cult Electric – Garagecore Thrash n’ Grind
The C33s – B-Movie Surfsidal Nasties
Laura Dance – OldSkool Knock Schlock n’ Agro
Cuffed Up – Rhythmslave Throwback and Angst
Last Wars – Nu-NewWave Velodrome Kraut
Kick – Subtle in Sin and in Sound
Myyora – Tranquil and Purified Pleasures
THe LYONZ – Liquified Alt ‘n’b Love
CHEMS – Intoxication Confounded
AZEL PHARA – Dystopian Trancefused Electro
The Moods, Yoko Pwno – Glitch Trap n’ DnB Dynamite
Sylvie Kreusch – Soft Neon Sultry Seduction
Fritch – Don’t Let Pride get in Way of Promotion
Jenny Kern – Wonderpop Sugar for Dreamers
Tiny Dyno – Lofi Love and Lushness for All
Social Ambitions – The Pep, the Pomp, the Pulse
Tin Woodman – The Pure Glorification of Pulchritude
Johnny Lloyd – Beauty to Share and to End on.

Happy New Year. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.