ROTR Roundup: February ’21.

With more access to cool vibes and new tunes than ever, thanks to submissions and new music platforms, this playlist might be longest yet. So many great tracks picked for your listening pleasure, all the highlights of this month’s discoveries.

There’s the genre-bent triphop of THe LYONZ, experimental electronica and sub-trance indulgence from Impérieux, Ed Is Dead and ISQ, then there’s ALEZ PHARA‘s dnb trap. Mix this in with La Sanyea Dengue‘s 80’s LA hardcore, The Dead Nights tough mix of brooding indie glam, and the freaksounds of Surmland Sound Science and that’s just the first half of the playlist.

Geography of the Moon give us a sumptuous remix, Kid Kingo & the Pink Monkey Birds prove they’re still garagescrap royalty, the Maharajas spin us nu-60s silk. An indie kick triple threat of Madame So, Jody and the Jerms and Pizza Crunch keep alive post-punk DIY dreams, Myyora runs slick nu-soul pop. And to end, as we round off this playlist, Freya Beer‘s sultrified dirt driven power meets a cover from Allergic To Humans that is impossible not to grin to.

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