Single Review: Madame So – ‘Real Friends’.

With an uncanny ability to find a pop noise and hook in the narrowest of indie-lick alleys, Madame So’s ‘Real Friends’ is further proof if it’s needed of her gift for that underdog sound.

With every single released, we get closer and closer to that scrappy and idiosyncratic alchemy that Brix Smith has always exuded. With a heartfelt and caustic simplicity, these are neat simple songs without fuss. And what’s so wholly frustrating, and almost entirely maddening, is how easy the whole process sounds.

There’s an effortless feeling of energy, a cool sense of savvy and flair. As thin-wire guitars scratch and skate in a way that makes them only half tied to the song, drums kick out nothing more than they need to. Every sound is so pleasingly lean, crisp and tight in their C-86 jangle.

Those who know Madame So from our previous reviews know the loose post-punk thrill of her music; One part awkward indie and two parts progressive, two parts who-gives-a-fuck and all five parts unique, with a voice that’s distinctively mischievous – even when there’s a sharp tongue and barb.

‘Real Friends‘ is blunt fun, rebellious and mean, with the warmth of a writer on form.