Single Review: Jody and the Jerms – ‘Get Me Out’.

Riding high on the sweet indie kicks of Dolly Mixture, St Etienne and Lucky Soul, Jody and The Jerms take that Cherry Red sugar and produce something slick and endearing. And endearing is the charm that runs through ‘Get Me Out’, thanks to Jody’s pristinely shy vocals. Her voice is a candy-spun throwback that carries a bight-eyed and cool easy tune, as well some sly 60’s vibes.

Behind her, and wisely positioned to not step on her tones, the Jerms give a sure footed workout. Organs make everything and any song better, and here they add retro-charm character. Tambourines, the known curse of both campfires and Christmas songs, even these bring a twee smile and chime. Much against all my wants to wallow in lockdown grump, I can’t help but smile along with them. And damn you for exposing my happy.  

Like all good indie pop, it’s not bliss. The saccharine covers a bite. Suburban frustrations and the need to escape, it’s that feeling from teenage and coming-of-age years that never quite seems to lose grip. Maybe that’s just what keeps this song young, there’s no attempt to pretend or recapture. The only signs that this isn’t a rebellious young band comes from the occasional aged blues guitar, I’m almost happy the track’s not quite perfect.

But the choruses bounce, and the verses latch on, and while there might be a want for a sonic decision between full retro jangle or a new thickened mix, remember this band is one song from brand new. As a firm step in still finding feet, ‘Get Me Out’ makes us sweet to hear more.