Out Today: Tiny Dyno – ‘So Far Away’.

Last month was a great month for noise. Kraut garage sounds came from EU and US and I puffed up my filth garage wings.  Then Tiny Dyno slapped hard at my wrists, on the very same spot Jenny Kern and Korine left an adult pop mark on my arm, all my thanks for the wrap on the knuckles. So many times I’m reminded that open ears, open tastes, they’re what keeps doing this job so damn joyful.

So welcome to ‘So Far Away’. It’s florescent, magnetic, it glows. With a 70’s camp glitz and electronic glamour it just seems to seep through the tweeters. There’s lo-fi and hi-shine, there’s a warmth to the words, there’s a honey-slick silk to the single. Synthlines face off against clean chime guitars, drums pump their guts through the backbone. And if the slow growing verses and quick chorus hooks don’t dig in like a kitten claw pin, then Emily’s vocals, layered up and served sweet, they sneak their way under your skin. This is gleefully underpowered pop, with a grandiose indie production.

Think of the underloved gems on Goldfrapp’s ‘Head First’, the shimmer of The Hundred in the Hands, there’s a neat naïve cuteness that staves off the twee with just enough indie fuzz to keep mean. Whatever’s happening in Bristol, UK, right now, with the wealth of great sounds spilling out of the city, Tiny Dyno are right at the front. Melancholic summer sounds with a retro indie twist, it’s impossible to get smitten.

The single’s out now, on this very good Friday, the new video lands April 9th. Find your saves and links here and keep eyes and ears free for the EP that’s heading our way.