ROTR Broken Radio – July ’21.

With scant chance and space and time to review (and I miss it as much as you do), here’s a heavy-heft blast of this month’s best submissions. We might have been short on words, interviews and features, but everything sent got my ears. More soon just as soon as I can!

But ’til then, here’s a high dose of sun-jangle and grime, retro-chic neons and beast-baiting beats, with some grunge post-punk tronics thrown in. Always eclectic, always a riptide, always a fist full of sonics…. This is July ’21.

Tiny Dyno – Sunshine summer silk pure and simple
Natalie Gray – Wide eyed and neon high pop
Jessica Wilde – 90’s RnB sugar spun bliss
Novelistme – Alt. indie late-night cruise disco
R.Y.F & So Beast – Blisterpack bass, beats and ‘tude
Erotic Secrets of Pompeii & Beffywink – All the mess we expect from ESOP
Cold Beverage – Whisky swag blues got the lo-fi
SHLUG – And again we get dirt-bound and hurtin’
THe LYONZ – A new breathe of slick slys and spits
Black Mental – If Vukovar covered Black Sabbath….
Toxiq & Yul – Black Devil Disco sent sultries
Enoki – Sweet trance vibe inducing pupil dilations
Katie Wood – From the Breakfast Club soundtrack expanded
DEAFDEAFDEAF – Post-punk and tough and rough to the touch
Answers – That primal nu-wave sound reignited
Kick & Scott Reeder – Westcoast grunge stripped of sun, high on charm
Sylvie Kreusch – Sunset Boulevard’s most slinky-kitsch earworm
Quantum Tripper – Lo-fi, low spec and high glitch
Kety Fusco – Harp focussed heart centred loveliness
Johnny Lloyd – if you don’t sing along, you’re not human