Single Review: PERMO – ‘Heroin’.

Let’s kick off ’21 with a blast. Time to blow off some cobwebs and let off some steam because, and let’s face it, last year was a bucket of fuck-coloured crabs. But while we’ve all felt the pinch and the high costs of loss, new sounds have been brewing, exploding. And this is one such sweet release.

These high-class and low-brow wrecking-ball brawlers have signed to Disobedient Records. They bring loud noise and mess, and a mass of mean punk with a lashing of discordant trash. We’re just a few BPM under thrash, there’s a pulsating chase to the drums. Guitars fuzz and grind as they compete for space in two minutes that rush by in seconds.

Yes there’s a million angry DIY bands, and punk acts arrive ten a penny. But Permo are strangely, satisfyingly addictive with a distinctly gutter-bound glamour. Like Amyl & The Sniffers, Chubby & the Gang, Panic Shack, Girl Band and too many nu-cool punks to list, Permo share that same throwaway feel. Throw in a brutishness some might find crude and the art-core of Iceage and Metz, and ‘Heroin‘ is a fine way to start the new year with the frustration and force that it asks for.

Add to this the bass driven re-released single that spits like a sparkler in mud, and we’re shown a surprising dexterity. ‘Ultraviolence’ was last month’s welcome to the label, just a shame it came out mid-December.

In this track we lean towards a more structured thrill, more measured but no less aggressive. As we move with ferocity through breakdowns and highs, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii come to mind. Is this a new blood of not-so-dumb punk, of happy accidents waiting to happen? Maybe that’s the romantic in me… 

Either way ‘Heroin‘ and ‘Ultraviolence’ are songs that bring speed heavy bliss our weirdness.