Rats on the Rundown: Your January 2021.

There’s a myth that a January is musically dead – empty wallets, Xmas blues, slumps in mood and creativity. Let me tell you straight that myth aint true. Once again from submissions through Groover, RCM, and direct to my inbox, from all round this crazy time world, it’s amazing to hear all that’s out there.

So… with rockabilly, glam, hiphop, hardcore and punk, with industrial noises, indie pop and alt-folk, with dreamwave and grunge and ambient sounds… let me introduce all that’s in here:

Radio Days, RudeGRL&CC, DEAFDEAFDEAF, PERMO, KYB, Nero Kane, Bruno Bisaro, the Galahands, The Watchmakers, Nimrawd, Jenny Kern, The Ghost of Helags, The Hideaways & Tiny Dymo, FLeUR and R. Missing. And to bookend this list, select cuts from a hero – some high points of Sylvain Sylvain.