Single Review: The Hideaways (feat. Tiny Dyno) – ‘Soho Bedroom Party’.

Outside it’s rained-out snow and grey. Between long UK nights and worldwide reasons not to smile, this might be the best time for pure pop. A three minute blast of escapism, a glossed trip to someplace more happy… If that sounds like the tonic for those winter-worn blues then welcome to ‘Soho Bedroom Party‘.

Shamelessly welcoming, frustratingly catchy, there’s not even a glimpse of a threatening tone in the mix of clean synthlines and swells. Disco beats pulse to a four-to-floor kick, bass hooks come smooth, clean and simple. Vocals that slide on the right side of cute move on through with a bright disposition. And if the patchwork of up-tempo glitches and twitch didn’t bring a warm fuzz to the verses, then the light airy duet that runs through the chorus should flip even the most fixed of frowns.

It seems Bristol’s go something to smile about. And we couldn’t be further from thick hits of triphop as we glide through this lo-fi pop pleasure. The slow release of Postal Service, the melodic rush of Human League, it’s an itchy and underpowered indie-geek workout that greets you without feeling guilty. And just under it all there’s lyrical grit that just keeps the track’s bounce neatly grounded.

As the sweetness of Tiny Dyno’s 2020 releases meets The Hideaway’s taste for anthemics, both bands tease out the best of each other. ‘Soho Bedroom Party’ is a welcome distraction from all reasons not to be cheerful.