Single Review: RudeGRL & CC – ‘Brand New Cadillac’.

There are few things as pleasing to wake up to – sonically speaking – than a new single from RudeGRL & CC, especially when that single is a petulant blast of late 80’s Cramps stomp and Shonen Knife rockabilly all wrapped in a nu-hiphop ‘tude.

From Vince Taylor, to The Hep Stars, to The Clash, ‘Brand New Cadillac’ is a rock ‘n roll staple rebellious enough to call punk. It’s been amped up and chewed out, fuzzed up and played with more times than a teddypunk’s gum. But here, in the hands of RudeGRL & CC, with their hot fuss of noise, style and sound, here it’s quick hit of fever. It’s faithful, it’s crude, a throwaway track for keeps, pumped out for nothing but fun.

And right there is the reason to dig it; the energy twisting right through. RudeGRL’s wry-smile delivery, CC’s ‘The Crusher’ backing growl, bent strings and punch drums and mean rhythmic kicks… throw in Bunni Morretto’s glam-trash DIY graphics and it builds up the best kinda buzz. And if you’ve never seen bandmates howl and twerk on bananas, or blast guitars from the hump of a camel, well this is your chance to get living.