ROTR Broken Radio – March ’21.

There is no way of saying just how good this month was for submissions. These deserve every ear, every outlet. So dig in and ingest and digest them. Here’s this month’s high delights for your pleasure.

a/lpaca – Krautrock garage persistence for wierdos
Torronto Blessings – Hi-agro punk n’ grind goodness
Oliver Mavilio – Birthday Party DNA horror highs
Dyatlov – Dutch underground supersound savagery
SLAP RASH – Sultrified smothers of spit, grit n’ tude
BSI – Icelandic proto-punk scatter and groove
Noneohone – Slick jungle indie retrotronica
Ed Is Dead – Stripped-down & tripped-up alt club-strobe sonics
Kellalit – Trap L.A owned EDM
D Fine Us – Deep south heritage triphop and soul
Scott Matthews – New OMD sounds form acoustic poet laureate
Jenny Kern – Pop, with its best charm and sweetness
Korine – Private and personal synthpop revival
Feeding Fingers – Smiths Vs Cure Vs confident cool
UV-TV – New York steals the sunshine from shoegaze
Solis – Vocal and lush, and lavish with feel
Allan K – Gainsborough touched alt-rock French pop
Rianne Downey – Glasgow’s sweetest and mean country blues
Tired CossackCrass Canadian post-punk cacophonies
The Ovines – UK guitar indie aggression
Brother – The calm, the cool end, the soft wind down
Victorian Death Photos – Sugar-spun strangeness and a GREAT band name