Single Review: Dyatlov – ‘Wound Man’ / ‘Barren Lands’.

A gut fronted raw scrawl of sand-blasted jams. A filth-laden slick slice of punk garage ‘tude… not enough of this noise hits my inbox. This is unfiltered mess sweet and simple, a rank mass of feedback and fuzz. There’s a free-wheeling heat and a mean speed-freak scuzz, and it’s nothing but grit grizzled joy.  

Hear the rough synths and organs that creak through the wash of unmanageable argro and static. Take note of the surf sounds that burn through the high squeals of torn guitar strings and distortion. If none of that makes you giddy, or heady, or glow, maybe sit this one out just for now. But if 60’s dirt freakouts and 70’s dum-punk mixed with pure noise might give you a kick, then come in, and I think we might click.   

Wound Man’ and ‘Barren Lands’ are the lead tracks that sit either side of this 7” vinyl. It’s Dyatlov’s debut on the ever impressive (but painfully titled) Spazz Records. Every roughed up release from this Rotterdam label is a gasoline punk powered gem. Feel free to look back on last year’s Rats on Rafts should you need some persuading or proof.   

Dyatlov themselves are a new project formed out of members and remnants of Iguana Death Cult, Jibber Jabber & the Jams and the gleefully lo-fi Beach Coma. Their sound is as loud as it’s sonically crude, it’s the sound of a cramped sweat-stained stage. The Oi Punk aggression and quick blast of violence wouldn’t thrill us as much on its own, but the tremolo wails the hard echo vocals are the throwbacks that vamp up the anger.

The press release gives us “a self-described mix of despair, poverty, pain & hopelessness, drenched in sin and substance abuse”. Add in something that feels like a pressure point bursting and I’d call that a pin point description. Tune in, turn on, and drop by for more… Just as soon as the next single lands.  

Dyatlov – Wound Man / Barren Lands