Single Collection: Kellalit – ‘Mind Control’, ‘Hollow Spine’ & ‘Synaptic’.

Kellalit moves so quick that since a feature was agreed for the cool mechanical EDM of ‘Mind Control’, two more singles have snaked their way out. Each track is a glut of industrial sounds, each song is a cold future grind. Kallalit makes music that strips EDM of all extraneous, superfluous glamour, then twists it in gloss gothic shine.

‘Mind control’ is a scfi-fi fan’s dream. From the metalized mask of the single’s front cover, to the chrome of the noises that scorch, this is Brad Fiedel / Carpenter soundtrack material all set to a post-techno pulse. It’s the sound of a nightmare, and the dominance of it. It’s the sound of regaining command. As pulses and noises and deep synthsounds scatter to a grueling and cruelly lean beat, Kellalit’s vocal is a whisper that builds to reject male-owned patterns of power. This could be Sarah Connor’s post-victory music, defiant, aggressive, restrained.

‘Hollow Spine’ is at least just as dark. The synth swells and groans that spun through ‘Mind Control’ have been swapped for percussion and punch. This is tougher, it’s meaner, more sparse. Any noises and textures resembling anything fluidic have been scrapped as non-functional trash. These are bare bones essential sounds only, broken blasts of charred static and bass. Where the last had a voice to give light to the heavy, here we just lurch through the heat.

‘Hollow Spine‘ works its best when it’s thought of as Mind Control’s partner and flipside. The links between show, one strips down from the other, ‘Hollow Spine’ takes its place as the aftermath. Aesthetics bleed through, and though both weeks apart, they hold onto the same cut and cloth. But ‘Synaptic‘, the newest of all the three singles, opens new shades of tone to go play with. At times we might even say that it’s playful.

The vocals are back, cold, sultry and mean, with more of a thread and a presence. The static and char of the ash blackened beats are as bare as we’ve heard them before. There’s hints of Miss Kittin, ANNA and Charlotte de Witte in the minimalist EDM camp. There’s even a glint of a trap garage ‘tude in the new brightened synthsounds and bounce. It’s not quite a new beast, but it owns its own blast in these signature chrome gothic neons. If the first single grabbed you and the next held attention, then ‘Synaptic’s the track you head back to.

Kellalit is producer, writer and DJ, curator of nihilistic noise. There’s a darkness and purpose and cursed-Earth conviction to the sounds she builds up to burn down. There must be something in the Los Angeles air… Xhoana X, Mz Neon, now this. It’s combative, refined and just… cool.