ROTR Broken Radio – October ’21.

I know I know I know! It’s 14 days late and October is over, and we’re deep in the ass end of Autumn. But things have busy and crazy and cool, but no cooler than these blasts of sound.

I’ll explain the delays in a couple of posts, but for sit on back and get buckled. From glitch electronica to ambient house, to crude sounds of post-punk and glut (via some ashamedly 80’s kissed disco), this was October just gone. In a brand new ever-loving long playlist.

So here’s what’s been added this month…

Martino Corrias – Ambient glistening darkwave
De Ghost – Sinister stripped synth and glitch
Proksima – Sultry late-night electro-kitsch sonics
Mercury 82 – Pumping synth gothica
Tee Dee Dees – Nu-Wave and post-punk get hitched
The Poison Arrows – A 90s chemical twist of endorphins
Jet-G – Beauty with quick switch to menace
Sei Still – Uber-cool Post-punk clatter
Cuffed Up – Grit, grind an’ ‘tude
Deathretro – An even grittier, grinder knarl
Pave The Jungle – Scuzzed grunge soaked shoegaze
Dick Venom & The Terrortones – Psycho-garage slime and sneer
The Leeward Fits – Cute lo-fi indie shine
Golem Dance Cult – Horror punk with a slice of pizzazz
Fritch – This has just been a pleasure to make
Xena Glass – Noir alt-folk to sit back and bathe in
Magnus Josefsson – Before hitting pure chillwave bliss
Pamela Sue Mann – It’s pure sweetness and bitter-sly sumptuous
Highway Superstar – Neon lit sounds made for pleasure
Agnes – Adult disco to dive in and lap at
Bloom Twins – Then strip down with sugar-glossed pop