Tiny Dyno: ‘Still’.

News came of new single some months back. A sneak advanced peek and ‘Still’ hooked me in just as hard all songs out so far. Tiny Dyno just have this knack. They make music it’s hard not to love. So when the chance came through to write something up to act as a press part release and part bio, I may have jumped at the chance.

So call this part review, part PR, in support of an act on the up. It’s a thrill to help out and push music that needs to find as much attention as possible. Trust me, there’s no chance you’ll regret it.

This is Tiny Dyno and ‘Still’.

Tiny Dyno are the rarest of acts. They blend the black arts of immaculate pop with the warm glow of sugarspun indie.

It’s a sound they’ve been tweaking, perfecting. In less than a year they’ve refined and resculpted their love of electronic pop and 70’s rock gloss around their need to produce something crucial. What comes out is a sound that flows up through the decades, to make singles that feel close to timeless.

And like all Tiny Dyno create, Still has a heart and a softness at core that lives high in its lush summer shine. Vocals move against synthsounds that hang tight and glitter while the song smoothly spins out and shimmers. The lightest of Coctau Twins ties into Beach House. That cool Goldfrapp glam hits a Fleetwood Mac kitch. Still is a song made of sweet melancholy and steeped in C86 tradition.

With radio support from KCRW, Amazing Radio and BBC, plus more in US and UK, Tiny Dyno is Bristol’s best secret. Robot Club know it (Massive Attack, Nick Cave), Rik Dowding knows it (The Horrors, The XX), Chris Arnold knows it (BBC Bristol), and you will as soon as you hear it.

This might the most perfect under-powered gloss-pop that graces your playlists this summer.

“It’s florescent, magnetic, it glows. With a 70’s camp glitz and electronic glamour,
 it just seems to seep through the tweeters”

– Rats on the Run

 “Effortless, accessible, and unique… an ambition and rock ‘n’ roll quest for glory that few seem comfortable with in 2021”
– New Band Spotlight / Travellers Tunes

“Flashes of early 70s synth pop that threaten to explode”
– Listen With Monger

And now for the proof in the listening…