ROTR Broken Radio – November ’21.

Roll up, settle down and wig out. It’s the best of November’s submissions. There might be lack of words, of reviews and wax-lyricals, but in no way was there lack of music.

Postpunk and scuzz, high live-wire ‘tronics, DnB, glitch and cool, it’s your regular rundown of sonics. Enjoy the noize, enjoy the ‘tude It’s a playlist of pummel and pleasure. An hour of new music hand crafted and sculpted like a C86 mixtape for lovers.

The Brokers and the Wall Street Band – Lo-fi ass-kickin licks
Tired Cossack – Shoegaze ‘tronics, cool kids only
Chew Magna – Nu-garage pummel and pound
Pess – Gameboy kitsch meets Sonic Youth
Junkstyle – Hi-octane DnB retro
Disorientations – Postpunk with new grit and gusto
II Est Vilaine – Uber-cool dark devil disco
Justine Forever – Minimalist dark disco glitch
Le Nuit Americaine – Sub-pop electronic noir
Keith Mosfet – Sweet blast of psyche-garage sounds
SINK – Ultra-thick no-redemption release
Tiny Dyno – Perfect black-art indie pop
Aiden Francis – Transient vibes for late nights
Dougal Matthews – Euphoric dance-coloured trance
Joris Delacroix – A soundscape of mean-eye and glisten
AZEL PHARA – Neons so bright they might blind you
Dj Dreas – And a deep breathe and chill to release