ROTR Broken Radio – June ’21 (Part 2)


And now we punch through to Round Two! Another hard slam of sounds and submissions, and this time we’re getting all glitchy.

Here be brooding electronica, triphop, global pop and a side swipe of hard beats and hits… Here’s the dark side of your summer kicks!

The Electrokit – Bleak brooding humanist warnings
Yellow Belly – Slow spinning triphop and texture
Pablo Bolivar – Deep vibe and minimalist chill
Sibéri – Global sounds and cool psych electronica
Coletivo Teceiro Mundo – Brazil Vs West Vs Light Vs Dark
Loo & Monetti – Sultry dance pop with twist
Best Seller Of The Same Name – Sweet relapse in madchester sounds
This Is Shit – Live drum and bass blast from the past
Simulated Youth – Sugared with agro and tude
Vibn – Driving and mean to the beat
AIROD, Amilie Lens – The pure dirt of rave hits and trance
Static – DIY 80’s synth driven indie
Barzin – Lush heartfelt slow melancholy
Social Ambitions – Guilty morning sun-coloured pleasures
Tin Woodman – Even guiltier glam on a high

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