ROTR Broken Radio – June ’21 (Part 1)

With less time than usual to chew through reviews, I hope the lack of new sounds left you hungry. Because this month, there’s not one but TWO stacks of tunes that left indelible marks in my inbox.

From nu-soul to slowjams, 80’s pop sheen to grunge, to sun blasted kicks for your summer… Here’s your June cherry picked and pumped outwards!

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – The smoothest of cool-kat nu soul
Josephine Philip – Woozy alt-jazz triphop fringe
Rasha Jay – Guts, soul and slow jams all in one
Stay Lunar – Warm 80’s haze for the summer
Atomic Bronco – Lo-fi indie licks with a kick
Save The Clocktower – indie sound-bending sophistication
Scores – Electronic throwback pomp pop
Gabrielle Sey – Emotive, sublime in sly rhythms
ZANZAR – Unbridled psyche-coloured nasty
Underdog – Chewed up and spat out in tude
Minaxi – High pressure grunge with cool flow
n ir – Stooges, ripped up, re-possessed
Marm – The warm glow of west coast and shoegaz
The Fernweh – 60s sunned lysergic pop
Mercvrial – Post-punk touched anthemic fuzztones
Nightshifts – The calm of a sound in a hush

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