Single Review: Scores – ‘Talk Flood’.

Now who’s up for a slice of uber-cool futurefunk and Talking Heads rhythm-run indie? If that line got you hotter than a pack of otter’s pockets, then ‘Talk Flood‘ is the single for you. It’s effortlessly easy, with a kitsch disco feel, compete with sax and all kinds of percussion. This is house party dance made for kitchen sink thinkers with an LCD Soundsystem vibe.

Let’s pretend it’s a decade and then some ago. !!!, Fischerspooner, Hot Chip and The Rapture are pumping their polyrhythmic pulchritude. Daft Punk is playing at Everybody’s House and New York once again is in vogue. These are all old school names for new retro junkies, but Scores make them sound close to timeless. Yes there’s that naughties throwback and affection, but there’s just as much love for the first wave.

Woozy 70’s saxes, they bring home the glam. Cowbells and rim-shots give a shy hit of DEVO. Vocals run smooth and unfussy and calm, it’s a love note for all things kraut-indie. We can scratch chins or groove to the jaunt-cocky bass, or get lost in the quick swells of synth. And if there isn’t a sly wink and tip of the cap to the high priest of ‘Once In A Lifetime‘, then these ears must be playing tricks on me.

Progression flows in the form of new textures, it’s kept light and breezy throughout. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t complex arrangements for pipe smoking ravers to chew through. The trouble is, it’s addictively moreish, and that hides all the weight of the track. There’s trouble around us and it everybody’s business, and Scores make the talking seem easy.