ROTR Broken Radio – April ’21.

And once more it’s a bumper sized playlist. This time split into A-side and B-side. The first takes a tour through the world’s indie outpour, the next digs deep into transient vibes. For those I didn’t review, my sincerest, everything on this list deserves hearing. And for listeners, song lovers, those with aural fixations… I do hope you enjoy the ride.

Bones Shake – Lude n’ crude three piece rock n’ roll (UK)
Tiny Dino – Pitch-perfect bedroom pop-tronica (UK)
Laura Danea – A lean 90’s shine on a grunge coloured angst (US)
Last Wars – 80’s synthwave gothica galore (US)
Scores – Ultra smooth uber cool polyrhythmic indie (US)
Rachel Saint – Retrowave electronic agro (US)
DD Island – Lofi pleasurable aural warming fuzz (US)
Lunation Fall – Deep and lush glitter-glazed shoegaze (Fr)
Jim Capaldi – A rich reissue of lost ’75 sounds (UK)
Full Moon Little House – Atmospheric glitch covered gorgeousness (Fr)
– Side B –
The Nagging Doubts – Timeless retro in gothic and indie (Au)
Vukovar – No wave true to their form of synthwave & violence (UK)
Alex Kelman – Dance punk and ugly euphorics (BA)
Blaacon & Cold I’s – Charred blackened beats steeped in house (Fr)
Dougal Matthews – Neon retro trance for the masses (UK)
Mass Experience – Guilt free & glossy house sweetness (Au)
Incremona & Hope It – A fleetingly sweet and short sugar pop rush (UK)
BSÍ – Cherry Red candy spun indie (ICL)
Memphis Stone & the Elevators – Northern soul rock from a lost Motown legend (UK)
ReKreator – A Maserati chase scene stolen straight from the 80’s (SE)

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