Single Review: Bones Shake – ‘Hey Hey’.

There’s a snake-hipped and dripping distortion a-comin’ and it comes in the shape of Bones Shake. How much damage can two instruments do? Or three when you count in the howling? The answer’s somewhere between something just under seismic, and more than you can shake a bent stick at.

With relentlessly tough-gut primordial drums, cactus skin riffs that cut mean, sharp and deep, and with vocals that gamble on bourbon based growls, this is muscular over-pumped blues. Not the blues of the Deep South, all humble and soul, but the Cramped-up and Stooge-fed amped angry sound of punk, Americana and rawk. It’s the scuzz that’s been dressed in Vegas shirts and leather jackets ever since amps first learnt to sound dirty.

Queue the call backs to Jim Jones Revue, Snakerattlers, Black Diamond Heavies. All have the same thrill of heat, fuzz and noise, all at the front of the pack. It’s a damn crowded place in this hot throng of clatter, and Bones Shake leave the best kind of stain. If you can get past the intro without smiling wide, then your temperament’s cooler than mine.  

What else is there to say? And perhaps, less is more. ‘Hey Hey’ is hard driven blast of a track that leaks filth out of all of its pours. It’s greasy, psychotic-reaction rock n’ roll that belongs in all eras and ears… and back on stage as soon as possible.