ROTR Broken Radio – December ’21.

An unintentionally un-christmassy but truly lovely new monthable mix. While snowballs and sleigh-bells and jingle-bell charms might have blessed other December playlists, there is not a shred of that here! And it’s all purely by chance not by choice, these are the best of the tracks that came in.

So from C86 heavy lofi fuzzed wonderlust, to wigged out electro and sinister indie, this my Xmas gift to you. Here’s an hour cultivated and crafted…

Taipei – Warm and warmth and all physically involving
Venus in Spirals – Sweet lushed and loved pre-grunge indie
Lilies in my Brain – Young Marble Warpaint wearin’ Giants
Gigantic Hand et.all – Shoegazetronica, sore, grand and sumptuous
Plaisir – Subtle passion-glitched taut 4ADs
Kick – Glints of hard boil and bubble down tension
Atis Band – Lean and crisp sinister flicks
Last Wars – Death Cab for Cabaret Voltaire (tplus maybe three steps above)
Bonaparte, Sophie Hunger – New bliss for old ceremonies re-told
Viagra Boys – Live and pure filth-schlock frivolity
Stuart Pearce – Lofi hands in gloves love The Fall
Fried Dough – Expansive, no easy, no pain…
Mr.StarZ – A cursed world of all things electro
Vlad Khr – Free form agro and no wave
Myyora – Deep house and vocal led settle
United Simesky Institutes – Chilled neon wave retrospection
Balaz Birtalan – The closure, the climbdown, the chill.