ROTR Broken Radio – August ’21.

In the UK the bank holiday is over. It’s been unseasonably warm and all bars have reopened, late year festivals are packin’ the heat.

So in thrall to the new sounds that pound and surround, in a field, sat out back, in your dimly lit kitchen, wherever your are and in whatever bar… get prepared for this month’s hoedown showdown.

There’s two parts once again just to squeeze it all in, let’s call them Side A and Side B. Take a spin through the mean and rough glitch, punk and glitch, then step down for a sideswipe to breathe.

This is ROTR’s Broken radio. And there’s plenty more playlists to see.

– Side A –
United Simesky Institutes – Airwolf Vs John Foxx 80’s ‘tronics
Dana Plato – Postpunk got synthdirt & disco
Waveshaper – Sumptuous electo synthetics
CHEMS – Schlock drum n’ bass with addiction
NOPRISM – We all know that war’s good for nuthin’
Death Cult Electric – Screamin’ Reznor-style rock revelry
Exit_International – Pump and gurn up through slam garage ‘tude
Amyl and The Sniffers – All nu-punk n’ roll raw rockin’ royalty
Lone – Put the Trance in transcendent and glitch
– Side B-
Greg Dallas – A seascape of neons to breathe to
Simon Boyd & Javier Iraola – Sugared organic chillwave and clam
Nightshifts – A sweet slide into neo-synth indie
Anomic Soul – Post-geek pre-stadium grandeur
Pave The Jungle – The new wave of nu-wave and indie
swim school – A cool cut of glitter-grunge shimmer
Jenny Kern – Frustratingly beautifully crafted gloss pop
Jacket & Shadowrunner – Another simmering retrowave soundscape
The Strange – Finesse and fine taste with a Silver Jews anthem

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