Exit_International: ‘Chainsaw Song’ / ‘Black Junk’.

Oh my sweet agro-soaked noise and swagger, how has this slipped under my radar? This gut-blasting band have been busting out sound since way back in 2011. In what world would this not pique my interest? How have I not known them ’til now? This is spleen venting filth with a mean garage grind that ties punk up in white-knuckle knots.   

It’s like they knew I’d be late to the party. Their gutter-crunch debut album from 10 years ago is just about to land first time on vinyl, and I get to write the thing up. I’ll be waiting impatiently for my paws and claws to leave marks on that sleeve in September. But for now we have two new releases, two singles with videos to boot. One is a newly spruced track from ‘Black Junk’, and the other’s an unreleased bonus.

Now let’s dive into these dirtbombs and jewels, and kick off with the crude ‘Chainsaw Song‘. It’s a petulant blister of grit-biker sleaze all wrapped up in a hyper-grunge squeal. It’s short, sharp and rasp heavy, packed full of howl, with a fuzz that cuts up through the ribcage. Guitars? What guitars, these are two sets of bass that get amped up and hammered, and beat into shape with distortion. Throw in a pummel of punch-pressure drums, and we get something brute force and feral.

And if that had you whetted and wanting for more, treat your aurals to that now-released bonus. It might have the same name as the re-released album, but ‘til now it’s not seen light of day.

If the last track had some hint of post alt-rock polish, this one rips it off almost completely. Let’s say ‘Chainsaw‘ had touchstones of Baby Godzilla/Heck, Hot Snakes or Future of the Left, this is more 80s Matchbox and Metz, with a sly savage kick from Mclusky. It’s a thrash-static fuck-hump of trash grind and noise and it smacks you in all the right places. Call it a three minute joy-ride of feedback and wail, and the most pleasurable thing to get deaf to.

So does the remaster get you excited? Do these newly tuned tones of pulverised crunch make you want to grab hold of the album? If the answer is yes, and it should be, it comes out on September 17th.