Single Review: Death Cult Electric – ‘Snakes and their Children’.

If Death Cult Electric ain’t the sound of punk’n’roll, then snakepits aren’t packed full of snakes. And here we have ‘Snakes and their Children‘, with every belly-crawl scrape that goes with.

This track is a blast up of guttural sludge, rib-splitting hollers, and crueller-than-thou crunched up gut driven licks. It’s a filth guided grind of destruction. For those who relish and revel in compressed heat and squalor, garage agro and drunk swagger ‘tude, then this is the single for you.

All the controlled explosions, and I use ‘controlled’ loosely, of that great wave of mess that runs God Damn to Metz, from Big Black to Pigs (and that’s how many pigs?), it’s all here in blunt punch proportions. And better still, it can still pass for pop.  Just an amped up, vamped up, cursed, chard and torn up version of anything pop-like.

And maybe it’s just the timing, or maybe bad luck, or maybe you might hear the same. With Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘Nag Nag Nag‘ in my head since I heard of R H Kirk’s death, I’m hearing links back and forth and between. I hear the same disregard for pleasurable sounds and the same want for something destructive. Making shit break never goes out of style, as proven by Death Cult Electric.

And that something from Cabaret Voltaire…