ROTR: The Best of 2022.

Awella holla hello and Hell’s records. Here’s biggest of block-rockin’ ‘tude spittin’ tunes that hit ROTR in ’22. We got the usual unusuals. The sexed up sublime. The sandblasted sounds of all seasons. So dance like your last grind depends on it, maybe cry to the songs that move you. This is the Best of submissions from 22.

The Lotts (Late 70s NY Proto-Punk Greatness)
The Men (MCfuckin5 go to Ground!)
Viagra Boys (Intellipunk Garage and Snype)
Death Cult Electric (Guttural Thrash and Scream Therapy)
Jenny Kern (The Very Peake of Gloss-Polished Pop)
David Poe (Love. It’s complicated. Simple.)
Gus Englehorn (Grunge coloured Idiosyncrasies)
Octavia Freud (The Fall is strong with This One)
Last Wars (Electronic Postpunk Perfection)
Sepha (Intimate Immediate Ambience)
Follo (Throwbacks to Intricate Trance)
Mz Neon (The Stultified Priestess of Puerile)
Simesky+Fritch (80’s Neons Revived and Self-Serving)
Vukovar (A Monochrome Swansong… Goodbye)
Broads (Urgent Electronic Exploration)
GONE (Glisten in Late-Hour Relief)
ena mori (Sugarpop Guilt. No Apologies.)
BSI (Lush Shoegaze for Spirit and Soul)
The Loud Bangs (The Love Affair Continues. Sublime.)
Holo (OldSkool Ambiant DnB. Maybe the MOST listened to track)