Single Review: Mz Neon – ‘One of One’.

So Mz Neon has a new single. And that single sentence should be enough to have you running to your favourite streaming services to swallow up the priestess of pulchritude. As it is, I’m obliged to write more. I’m not paid by the word, not at all, but this would be pretty bare if stopped there. So let’s get on down to the sound, and the new tack in tone of ‘One of One’.

Mz Neon has never lacked bluster, self-bolstering, confidence or zeal. And that’s all for good cause and good reason. The music, the extension of the entity, is as charged and as crass and creative-force filled as any punk infused new iteration. Hyper sexed and aggressively so, there’s a dominance of character that corrupts every sound from industrial electronica to trap. Tie a rope around Wanda Jackson’s ‘Fujiyama Mama’ and lasso it through decades and genres to catch Jayne County, Lydia Lunch, Poison Ivy, Karen O, Slits, Courtney Love, Kap Bambino etc., and every ultra sultry chromosome that ever fought for identity gets wet-wrapped in mean slabs of noise.

‘One of One’ takes that charge that we’ve all known before from previous reviews and releases, but this time it’s thicker, concentrated. It might be less explicit in content, it might not have the R rating we’re used to, but all that change does is open up new avenues without diminishing depravity’s intent. Here we have music that’s tough waxed and twice shined with all rough grain and grit still intact. More consumable in no way means perishable. And the more consuming and consummation the better.  

So gone is the gristle that was too tough for some found in ‘Cop Fucker’, ‘Alpha Bitch’ or ‘Pussy Stick’, and right here’s the plump cut to indulge in. It’s a slickly produced thump of tenderised carnality designed to entice mass engagement. Devour it, go get free and get hell bent. And if you can’t then be glad this can for us. ‘One of One’, the new single is below.