ROTR Broken Radio: June ’22.

Sun’s out, synths are shining, and summer’s salubrious sounds a-buzzin’. But this aint the garden of Eden, you can shove your Pimms right up your Wimbledon. Right here is the raw fruit tone-perfect for plucking, so settle in, listen good and enjoy. This is the best of June’s tunes and submissions.

Turquoise – Music to make you procrastinate
Gus Englehorn – For you West Coast anarchistic arachnophobes
Octavia Freud – Northern UK tirades and ‘tude
The Qwarks – Left-field lo-fi hump’n’hustle
Sei Still – Pure gristle post-punk n’ pleasure
Sepha – Triphop infused electro retrospectives
The Auxiliary – The warm glow and burn of a hurt
Simesky+Fritch – A new retro-kissed collaboration
Vukovar – Long championed, more and more for good reason
The Mystic Underground – Wild-card electropop indie
Mz Neon – The high priestess of pulchritude pumps
Ocean Flaws – Guilt free synth-sugared synthpop
PIB – R’n’B coloured club-touched addiction
Poltergeist – Move the club to Berlin, 1980s
Last Wars – And hang around for the permeating pulse
The Loud Bangs – Before releasing to a new shoegaze favourite
Valhalla Superdrive – A lush set of cherry-tinged ‘tronics
Split Vision – Introspective, unnerving, complete
MEMORY MOTEL – Wanderlust chillwave and cool ego
Deleo – The most wholesome of high hopes and endings