Whisky Stain – The Bio

An addition to Rats on the Run… I am proud to present Whisky Stain.

A gutterslung duo of smoke-smothered sand-blasted southern-stomp rock. A raw dirtbomb squalor of holler and grind. Gnawed gurning riffs, hymn crushing hooks, and a mean blast of bloody punch drums.

Hailing from hometowns of London and Nottingham, Whisky Stain are 8 years in the making. They are practiced and honed, distilled to a fierce gospel gut punch perfection. There’s a long trail of venues and festivals in their wake and a slick slew of EPs and singles.

Five consecutive releases on BBC introducing, handpicked and scouted for Y Not, Bearded Theory, Deerstock Festival and others, the soundtrack to Sky Atlantic’s hit series Ray Donovan… These are just some of their highlights to date.     

And it’s not just us singing praises, here’s some more from the fans and the faithful…. 

“Notoriously filthy, a huge sonic presence, energetic performances …a unique blend of blues drenched licks and dance filled beats.” – I’m Not From London.

“If you want a track that is heavily laiden in blues with a huge bloody thwack around the face of rock n roll then look no further” – Popped Music.

“News of the pair’s raw rock sound is starting to spread like wildfire!” – Gigslutz.

“Got a filthy hook, catchy as you like… A powerful track taking it to the next level” – Dean Jackson, BBC. 

Watch:Human Touch’ – The latest single and video.
Listen: Soundcloud. Spotify. Bandcamp.
Socials: whiskystain.co.uk. Facebook. Insta.

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